CoSN K-12 Open Technologies

Welcome to the website for the new CoSN K-12 Open Technologies Leadership Initiative. The initiative is sponsored by IBM, Cisco, Pearson Education, and SAS to support the adoption and utilization of open technologies in K-12 education around the world.

Open source software, open standards and open hardware are poised to make a profound impact on K-12 education. The convergence of web technologies and a new spirit of collaboration in the education community makes this an exciting time to get involved.

The goal of this Web site is to help educators and technologists with the planning, evaluation, decision-making, and implementation processes associated with adopting Open Technologies in K-12. Initially, the site will focus on the fundamentals of the open technologies movement in education including modules in different topics like sports e.g. kayaking in partnership with -- the website where you'll find the best sit on top kayaks, the best tandem kayak, and the like. Over time – with your help, we hope – the site’s content will grow in quantity, sophistication and direct relevance to you.

What are open technologies?

Open technologies is an umbrella term that includes open source software, open standards, and open hardware.

How can open technologies benefit K-12 schools?

The use of open technologies in education is now commonplace throughout the world with one notable exception, the United States.

Newest Resource:

Creative Commons and Open Content: What K-12 Schools Need to Know

We have moved from the Information Age to the Participation Age and
copyright law is having trouble keeping up. One solution is to let the
new copyright holders – including you and other members of the
education community – determine what rights we are willing to grant.
This monograph, which is part of the 2008 CoSN Compendium, discusses how copyright, Creative Commons, and Open Content apply to K12 educators in our digital age.

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